How to Create a Good Board Meeting Agenda

No matter if your board meetings are held in person or online the agenda is crucial to productive discussions and making decisions. Agendas for board meetings should be big meeting plan shared in advance along with all relevant materials that allow ample preparation and discussion before the meeting. This increases productivity and ensures meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

The first item in the agenda of a board meeting should be an order. This could be a welcome from the chairperson as well as introductions. It could also include reading the vision and mission statement of the organization. It’s also a good opportunity to go over the rules and procedures for meetings.

The next step is to approve the approval of the minutes from earlier and then the discussion and review of the committee’s current reports (e.g. governance finance, governance). This section should include the CEO’s or executive director’s report about the organization’s progress as well as a review of the financial condition of the organization.

The bylaws of the organization, or any applicable laws may permit a closed-door session to discuss sensitive issues. Also, there should be time for open forums and guest presentations regarding important agenda items.

Give board members the opportunity to ask questions or express opinions on each topic. If you feel that a particular topic takes too much time, you can move it to the next board meeting or postpone it for consideration later. It is a good idea at the end of the board meeting to have an open forum or discussion regarding the new business topics the board wants to tackle going forward. This is also a great occasion to announce announcements and to congratulate the board or celebrate the achievements of the organization.

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