How to Keep Share, Edit and Delete Your Data Safe

When you are posting files, you must be aware of the following to be aware of if you are handling sensitive information. Firstly, send only the details that they require. This will decrease the likelihood that your information falls into the wrong hands when there is a leak or data breach. Second, use equipment that blocks unauthorised editing of documents. If you and someone else are working on an Excel spreadsheet together There are software which will encrypt the document while editing. This can prevent malicious or accidental changes and ensures that numbers remain precise.

It’s also essential to remove the data you don’t need and to use encryption so that any unauthorized access to the file won’t be readable should it be intercepted in its transfer from your database towards the recipient. Platforms that guarantee to keep your data safe and safe will only allow authenticated users to edit, view the data, or delete it. The platform will automatically encrypt data that is transferred between databases.

This feature not only provides assurance that your data is safe, it also eases the burden and increases convenience for users by removing the requirement to establish an online portal. As with Portal Share Safe, files transferred through Share Safe are encrypted to protect against unauthorised viewing. Instead of logging into a portal to download files, users can enter your firm-specific URL to gain access.

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