Secure and Safe Software

The F-Secure Safe interface has been completely redesigned. The stylized hilly terrain featuring trees and clouds has been replaced with a flat, three-panel design with security status indicators (red when there’s problems and green when everything is fine).

Software is a powerful and flexible tool. The way we use it has the potential to change the world. But it’s not immune from threats from malicious actors who seek to exploit vulnerabilities to steal data and wreak havoc.

To protect yourself from these risks it is essential to incorporate security improvements into the software development and test processes. This means the use of best practices and security testing, which creates a secured development life cycle and stopping flaws through updating and patching software.

This method must involve all the parties involved in the process in order to be efficient. In addition to a structured procedure, it is essential to establish an organizational culture of security and tools and education to aid in security throughout the software development workflow. This involves establishing a trustworthy component keeping a list of trusted partners and assessing risk by using threat modeling, communicating standards with third parties and verifying compliance by using secure coding practices, utilizing the most effective tools for industry, and performing manual and automated security tests and reviews.

A robust, scalable security process is crucial to creating reliable and trustworthy software. This is particularly relevant for systems that are highly visible such as those that are employed in financial services, healthcare and the automotive industry. These systems require more stringent coding requirements like those in the MISRA C++ and MISRA C++ coding standards to avoid vulnerabilities that could compromise safety.

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