Secure Board Communication

Many boards continue to communicate sensitive internal messages via insecure communication channels. A recent study by Diligent Corporation found that 56 percent of directors utilize their personal email accounts for communications with the board, and even C-level executives and governance professionals do so as well. This is a significant risk that needs to be addressed.

It is vital to get board members onboard with the need for secure communication. This involves educating them about the reasons their current practices leave them vulnerable to data breaches and making them aware of the cost of these breaches in terms of loss of operational time, the best driver update software free cost of defending against cyberattacks, and concerns over compliance violations.

Boards must be aware that they are a prime targets for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals target prominent people such as board directors and executives due to the fact that they can access sensitive information important to them. They are therefore prime targets for ransomware, where criminals threat to release sensitive data until they are paid.

To avoid this, it’s important that the board considers adopting a governance platform that replaces email and text messaging with a fortified system of record that makes use of encrypted data delivery as well as a specifically designed mobile app. This eliminates the need to share confidential or valuable information via unsecure email or document systems controlled by the IT departments of the company. It also provides a separate platform that allows boards to remain in charge during times of crises.

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