What is a Virtual Data Center?

A virtual data center, or data center in short it is a cloud-based IT solution that allows for cost-savings as well as the ability to scale. It integrates server virtualization (which allows multiple VMs to run on one physical machine), network virtualization and storage virtualization. This framework is unified and provides IT as a Service to applications and users on premises, in a cloud or hybrid environment.

A VDC reduces the amount of time IT teams are spending maintaining physical hardware, allowing them to focus on more productive tasks such as the deployment and management of business applications. It lowers operational costs as well by eliminating the need for costly management and purchasing of hardware. It also reduces energy bills and power consumption by keeping servers running more efficiently and cooler.

With the help of a VDC IT administrators can easily increase capacity to meet rapid increases in bandwidth and other IT resources. This is especially beneficial for businesses experiencing seasonal fluctuations in business activity since it allows IT teams the ability to allocate more resources quickly without the cost of acquiring or installing hardware.

Furthermore with a VDC, IT administrators can centrally manage and control their entire IT infrastructure with an intuitive, single management tool. This can reduce the cost of administration and allow IT to increase levels of efficiency and productivity which could translate into tangible business benefits such as lower costs and increased productivity.


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