What is an Online Game?

An online game is a game that is primarily played through some form of computer network, typically the Internet. It could range from simple text-based games like World of Warcraft or Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games to virtual worlds that have many players. Modern video game consoles as well PCs and mobile phones all have this feature. Online gaming brings in revenue along with traditional sales of video game hardware and software, as well as portable systems.

In contrast to video games, which have an end date, online games can continue for an indefinite period. The games online are usually social, involving players from all across the world. They can also involve transactions within a virtual environment typically the game’s points or upgrades, but sometimes real money.

Online games may be free-to-play or paid-for; they can be played with a Web browser or as an independent app and may include a variety of features including chat forums, communities, and forums. Many are targeted towards young children, and a growing number of games have social features designed to let children interact with other players.

Despite the ubiquity of many online games, some experts suggest that they can be addicting and can cause problems with sleep, appetite and concentration. Some argue that over-gaming can indicate underlying mental health issues that should be addressed by a medical professional. The vast majority of gamers play safely, however, and many parents have successfully used video games to teach their children about the importance of work, school and healthy lifestyles.

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